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a koala hugging a stuffed koala. 
that is all. 


a koala hugging a stuffed koala. 

that is all. 

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A Glee Rant

I think that Glee is just one of those shows that people love to hate. I’m one of them - mostly. I got suckered in years ago by the music rather than the storylines, but over time, I ended up becoming a fan of Kurt/Blaine and the rest as they say is history…

Glee is a groundbreaking show, and I applaud their efforts to promote anti-bullying measures and inclusion. 

However, at the same time, I think Glee does society a huge disservice.

Serious issues are played off for laughs far too regularly. And in the occasional instance that a serious issue is taken seriously, it’s all done and dusted within a single episode. 

Here’s a few examples of why this makes me angry:

  • In the episode “Blame it on the Alcohol”, the Glee club basically spends most of the episode in an alcohol induced haze. Teenagers drink, I get that. I’m hardly the bastion of innocence myself. But this has real consequences. I don’t mean puking your guts up on stage in the middle of a Ke$ha song either. I’ve had friends actually die from teenage drinking. One died due to being in a car crash with a friend who had been drinking and then got behind the wheel (we were all only 16 at the time). Another friend was the victim of a teenaged drunk driver crashing their car through the living room of her family house, killing her mother, a younger sister and a younger brother. My friend was in hospital for over 6 months and ended up killing herself a couple of years later over her subsequent disability and loss of family. So yes, sure, laugh it off. Hilarious.
  • The way Glee deals with the kids education: the whole Rachel getting into NYADA storyline, Rachel and Blaine being allowed to resit their exam despite blatantly ignoring instructions? Ugh. Head hurts. So I actually am a college professor, believe it or not. And the way Glee treats the education of the students on the show makes me angry. Very angry. Why? Because it’s giving an incredibly inaccurate portrayal of how college admissions and subsequent college life actually works. Rachel choked - end of story. If you choke in your admissions interview, that’s that. Try again next year. Stalking your professors like that will lead to them taking out a restraining order. Seriously. It happens. I sat on the medical school interview panel one year and know the lengths students will go to. Believe me when I say it won’t end well if you ever try and do what Rachel did - there’s the police, and then there’s getting permanently blacklisted. As for Rachel and Blaine disregarding assignment instructions and being allowed to sit their singing exam? No. Does not work like that. Yes, you can get re-sits. If you have a doctors certificate or similar which clearly demonstrates why you should be allowed to have another go. You do not get a resit because you fucked up and ignored explicit instructions. The problem with this is that a lot of younger people who watch Glee actually then go and think they can get away with things like this. That they’ll get the same sort of treatment the characters on the show get. And as college professors, we actually have to deal with the consequences of that. I’m sorry, but that is not how the real world works. If you choke on your interview? Sorry, but try again next year. If you mess up an assignment? Sorry, that sucks, but try and make up for it next time. If you fail a class? Yeah, that sucks, but if you aren’t up to standard, have no doubt, I will actually fail you. Paying college tuition gets you tuition and access to facilities - it does not guarantee you a pass or a degree.
  • Can we actually have a character on Glee ever actually fail at something? Seriously. I know the show is meant to be all happy and whatever, but it frustrates me. It’s giving younger viewers this false view of the world whereby nobody ever fails at anything for more than 1-2 episodes. Can’t one of them just actually genuinely fail at something and have to actually deal with the consequences of that? Like auditioning for a part and not getting it (and not having some magical intervention whereby they get something just as amazing in the meantime)? Or not getting into any of the colleges you applied to (read: Tina)? It’s not a nice thing to think about failure, I know that. But it’s something that kids need to learn to deal with. You’re not always going to get your way, and I think Glee needs to be more realistic in that sense.
  • Schuester would have lost his job years ago. He is all levels of inappropriate with those students. Not only would he have lost his job, he would have been de-registered as a teacher from the professional membership organisations. Sue is a caricature played for laughs, I can take her for what she’s meant to be - but Schuester is championed as the hero teacher? No. He is a poor educator and takes too many liberties with his students. Honestly, given some of his actions, I’d be surprised if he wouldn’t have been registered as a child sex offender in reality.
  • Sue aside (because she’s Sue and never to be taken seriously), I am astounded that none of the teachers on Glee ever had to face disciplinary action for bullying the students. Schuester did it repeatedly, Bieste did it, Emma did it, Figgins did it repeatedly…A great deal of emphasis was placed on the students not bullying each other. But when the teachers did it, it was ok, because? Ha…Ha??? No.

I appreciate that Glee is a tv show and that the writers need to take creative license with some things, but at the same time, this isn’t a fantasy show like Supernatural. It’s supposed to be “real”. And I think that the divergence from reality is giving younger viewers a very false sense of how the real world actually works.

Agree? Disagree?

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Anonymous asked: Actually, it's more than likely that gossip was written by someone on Darren's team, trying to rile up the fans to help him negotiate his contract. It's already been proven how shady they can be with the 'macaroon' incident and promoting the 'sold-out' concert. And it's obvious they didn't care whose reputations they trashed along the way.

I don’t normally pay much attention to stuff like that, so I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about…My main concern over this “item” that I stumbled across on LJ when discussing this week’s episode was the fact it was bullying, on a show that actively promotes anti-bullying, by actors that are consistently used in anti-bullying campaigns. 

Anonymous asked: Are you serious? That entire BI was written by a Darren stan/Klaine fan who didn't like Adam Lambert being on the show. If a recent interview by Ryan Murphy is anything to go by, it's Darren who's pushing Chris off the show. It doesn't look like they're going to have Chris back as a regular for the final season. It will only be Lea, Chord, and Darren.

Well I was serious, and no, I didn’t realise it was written by a Darren stan. It’s why I was questioning it so much.

Oh, wow….

I really hope this isn’t actually true, but I just found out about that blind item regarding 2 actors bullying another actor out of their job…

If accurate, Chris Colfer and Lea Michele were trying to bully Darren Criss out of Glee?


That’s repugnant. 

I really, truly, hope that this is just bullshit gossip, but now the seed of doubt has been planted. If true, that’s the end of the show for me.

Why would they even do that? The cast of the show has been slashed. Everyone left has more screen time. Glee has been on a rapid downhill slide for years. Pretty much the only thing keeping a lot of people even watching the show is Klaine…And now they want to break them up because of a spat between the actors?

I respected Chris Colfer and Lea Michele for their advocacy work against bullying…I really hope they’re not turning out to be epic hypocrites.

Yeah, ok. Their show. I’m just a fan. Whatever. I think I’m done.

Edit: Ok, so consensus is that this is just gossip - as I suspected it probably was. I can’t believe that someone would start such malicious bullshit in the first place. Glee is all about anti-bullying, yet a fan resorts to something like this? This is what ruins people’s reputations. Their careers. Ugh.

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The future of Glee (or Klaine)

So the final scene of this week’s episode of Glee was telling.

Blaine made the comment “No Oscar is worth this!”.


I think we’d all assumed that he was Broadway bound for a variety of reasons (in which case he should have referred to a Tony), but perhaps he’s on his way to the West Coast?

Ryan Murphy has made some recent comments to the media about the show not being focused on NYC next season (and a big blow up in this season’s finale), and maybe this is just me reading too much into a single comment Blaine made, but it’s got me wondering…

Obviously Glee thrives on relationship drama, but I think it’d be the end of my admittedly limited patience if they had Kurt and Blaine heading for another prolonged distance relationship. I can’t see Kurt giving up his Broadway or fashion dreams in NYC to move to La La Land for Blaine to have a movie career.

Having been through this myself, where I’ve been in relationships that have ended because of the geography of divergent career options, it’ll be interesting to see if this is where they take it.

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Look at this adorable puppy


Look at this adorable puppy

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Rottweiler puppie / / Tobias Wiens


Rottweiler puppie / /